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We've partnered with our friends at Energy Circle to bring you this hand-picked selection of user tested energy efficiency products. We believe this is the best gear available, and it all comes with Energy Circle's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Evolve Showerstart Showerhead

Regular Price: $44.95Special Price: $39.95

Smart showerhead make luxurious showers a whole lot cheaper and smarter. Waste not and suffer not.

Evolve ShowerStart Ladybug Adapter


Keep your favorite shower head. Add Ladybug to make it energy smart.

AM 1.5 gpm Dual Spray Flow Control Faucet Aerator


Flip a lever to reduce water waste.

Whedon 0.5 gpm Ultra Saver Faucet Aerator


You save HOW MUCH water? Every day? You betcha.

BITS Smart Strip Power Strip


A super smart strip power strip, especially great for your entertainment center, and your computer and its peripherals.

Chimney Balloon


Chimney Balloons are a cost effective and easy to use way to air-seal your chimney and prevent uncontrolled air movement.

Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Monitor

Regular Price: $49.95Special Price: $48.75

Look out appliances. The electricity cop is here. Simple smart electricity monitoring at your fingertips.

eMonitor Energy Monitor Service (3rd Generation)


The world's first comprehensive circuit-by-circuit home energy monitoring and management system. Exclusive Energy Circle bundle includes 2 years of service -- click here to save more on a 5-year service plan.

Broan Humidity Sensing Fan

The humidity Sentry is IN. This fan automatically detects moisture, quietly turns on to deal with the problem, and clicks off when the job is done.

Honeywell 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

Regular Price: $99.00Special Price: $50.00

An elegant, easy to use, 7 day programmable thermostat.