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Memorial Day and Air Conditioning

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It was on Memorial Day weekend in 1925 that the summer blockbuster was born—well, was introduced to the movie going crowds. It wasn’t the first movie with sound or a “talkie” that launched the summer blockbuster tradition—it was air conditioning!

Before Paramount Pictures Corporation installed a mechanical system that cooled the air in their celebrated movie house on Times Square in New York City, going to a summer movie was a hot, sweaty event. It would not take long for a movie theater to become unbearable as it filled with people coming in from the heat outdoors.

ENERGY STAR Schools are Saving Power

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ENERGY STAR for K-12 School Districts

ENERGY STAR’s website for K-12 schools, slogan is “Partnering with ENERGY STAR is a commitment to your students as well as to the environment.” ENERGY STAR reports the annual energy bill in the primary and secondary schools is $6 billion, yes with a B. They also comment that non-efficient schools are using about 3 times as much energy as schools that are energy efficient. The ENERGY STAR website mentions that an ENERGY STAR labeled school costs $0.40 per square foot less than the average schools.

New Air Conditioner But My Bills Increased

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Best HVAC Unit on the Market

Has this happened to you? Maybe you just had your ductwork cleaned and sealed and a new air conditioner and/or furnace installed with the high SEER rating (the best on the market). But once you start to use it you notice a month later that your bills are higher than last year and the year before. What is going on? You are thinking, “The new unit with a high SEER rating should be lowering my bills.”

Successful Marketing IAQ at Events

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IAQ in Orlando, Florida

In February I attended the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) annual convention. Approximately 1 week before the event I received an email from Tru Tech Tools that they will be hosting a booth at the convention. They listed the booth number so you could locate them easily. Then they threw in a bonus item. They would be having 3 drawings for 3 prizes, therefore 1 prize a day. Tru Tech Tools encouraged in the email to stop by say hello and enter the contest.

Florida vs. Colorado Hotel’s Water Conservation

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Orlando, Florida Water Conservation

Recently I visited two different hotels in two different states that had two different water conservation strategies for the occupants of the hotel. In February, I attended the Indoor Air Quality Conference in Orlando, Florida. I spent 3 nights at what I will refer to as the Orlando Hotel. There was a card in the room asking to reuse towels and sheets to conserve water from the laundry process.  The bathroom sinks had aerators (I was unable to see the gallon per minute (gpm) on the faucet).

Solar Commercial Buildings for Lease

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Solar commercial listings

This week, when I reviewed the Commercial & Industrial Lease properties with solar, the program gave me 2 properties. Yes, that is 1 more than the commercial for sale properties from last week.

What is an Energy Audit on a Commercial Building?

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Commercial Energy Audit Basics

A commercial energy audit is the best way to bring your building’s energy costs under control, while simultaneously improving tenant comfort & indoor air quality, and reducing environmental impact. A comprehensive commercial energy audit looks at each of the building's components including the building envelope (insulation, air barrier) and all mechanical systems to ensure maximum efficiency and safe operation. A comprehensive commercial energy audit includes the following components:

Blower Door Testing

Green Commercial Buildings in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix commercial buildings are going green

Where are all the green colored buildings? Just because a commercial building says they are green, does not mean the color of their building in green. Though, if it was colored green too, that would make me smile! We often hear aboutcommercial buildings going green in the news. Sometimes that means the products they provide are being produced with recycled materials. Maybe the company is recycling parts of the manufacturing process. Or maybe the company is using recycled paper and collecting cans from the staff to be recycled. All these items can be considered to “going green.” What about energy efficiency? 

Lowering Schools' Power Bills by Replacing Lighting

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Schools are taking advantage of rebates for replacing lighting

Depending on where your school is located, there are rebates available to replacing lighting. That is right, not only are schools lowering their power bills but they are also receiving rebates. Ask your school supervisors if your school will be replacing any lighting fixtures in the near future. Then check with your local city/town, utility, and state agencies for rebates for the lighting replacement. It doesn’t hurt to ask. There are other benefits to replacinglighting beside lower energy costs. They also are known to increase comfort for the students in the classroom.

Infrared Imaging Finding Hot Spots

Posted in: Energy
School energy audits using infrared imaging to locate hot spots

Does the school you work at have uncomfortable rooms? Maybe it is the science lab down the hall or maybe the lunch room. Ever wonder why that room is so hot during the summer months? Do not stress because when your school has an energy audit performed, the auditor is going to use infrared imaging along with many tools to identify and solve the uncomfortable issue.