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April Women’s Day Recipes

Posted in: Women of Steel

April Edition of the Women’s Day Magazine

Recently, I was reading the April Edition of the Women’s Day Magazine and I found multiple recipes where I thought “I can make that.” And I was right! I made 4 recipes. Following directions is my thing. I love following directions. The challenge is getting the final product to look like the photo in the magazine. Although all 4 of my creations did not look like the photos, they each had their own taste.

Two Main Dishes in Women’s Day

The first recipe I made was the Pasta with Walnut Pesto and Peas. Even though I do not like peas, I thought “why not try it.” Guess what? I liked it! I ended up making a whole lot more than I could eat. I also shared some with my neighbors who donated the fresh lemon from their tree. So, I froze it and I will eat more next week.  The second recipe was Chicken, Mushroom and Wild Rice Casserole. I do not like rice but I made it and guess what? Again, I liked it. Are you noticing a trend here? I am trying foods that have an ingredient that I do not like. 

Two Breads in Women’s Day

I have never had a scone before, but the photo and ingredients sounded delicious. The recipe was for Cheddar-Jalapeno Scones. Since I have not had a scone before, I am not sure if the final product turned out right because I ate the first one, but I was not excited about it. Then for breakfast the next day I eat another one and it fell apart on my plate. But I really like the jalapeno, yum.  The last receipt I made was the Strawberry-Banana Bread. Wow, that was delicious! Again, I made too much and brought the 2nd loaf into the AE3Q office and the bread received great reviews.

I encourage you to make a receipt that you have not made before and maybe be as crazy as I was and make one that has an ingredient that you do not like and see if you like it.    


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