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Meet AE3Q

Kirsten Shaw
VP of Field Operations

Energy Improvements to her home:

As a wife and the mother of two amazing sons, Kirsten brings a working-mother’s perspective to making our communities better places by building and renovating our homes and businesses based on building science. She earned a Master's degree in Environmental Science, and in a previous career was a science teacher for grades 7 thru graduate school. While teaching at Arizona State University, she discovered her passion for indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency.

Today as a Green Building General Contractor, Kirsten is focused on improving the quality of new and existing buildings through independent, scientific building diagnostics, and renovations that improve the quality of life of the people living and working in those buildings.

In addition to the hundreds of comprehensive building performance assessments she has performed Kirsten presents workshops at indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency professional conferences nationwide. She also teaches Building Performance Institute Building Analysts and RESNET Home Energy Raters courses.

If you are looking for someone to speak or teach at one of your events, contact Kirsten, she loves every opportunity to help others go green.

Improvements Kirsten has made to her 1985 Mesa, Arizona home include:

  • Air sealed her attic to keep hot, dusty attic air from leaking into her home.
  • Including capping a large open soffit that was essentially about 150 square feet of uninsulated attic.
  • Repaired the insulation on the attic kneewalls so it will work properly.
  • Added insulation in her attic.
  • Sealed her duct work.
  • Installed a variable speed pool pump.
  • Installed a hybrid water heater.
  • Installed CFL and LED lights.
  • Installed Smart Strips on computer and on TV.
  • Installed high efficiency toilets that use only about a gallon per flush.
  • Installed low flow sink aerators and shower heads.
  • Installed Solatube skylights in kitchen, hall and bathroom.
  • Installed 80% shade screens on windows.
  • Installed SEER 14 heatpump.
  • Removed old carpet embedded with allergens and dirt, and installed easy-to-clean tile flooring.
  • Planted deciduous trees on the west side of the house.
  • Landscaped to direct rain water away from house and to basins and swales in yard to water fruit trees, landscape plants and vegetable garden.
  • Installed EnergyStar appliances.

Improvements she is planning:

  • Add additional return duct to reduce static pressure.
  • Install heat recovery ventilation for fresh air with HEPA filtration system to reduce household dust.
  • Replace bathroom exhaust fans with quiet fans that turn on automatically when the humidity in the bathroom gets too high, or when activated by a motion sensor.
  • Install foam insulation in exterior walls where old insulation has compressed, or was never installed correctly, or is missing.
  • Replace single pane windows with dual pane, low-e windows.
  • Install photovoltaic solar energy.

AE3Q's Office

Commercial Solar screens Mesa, AZ


AE3Q participated in the SRP Commercial Energy Efficiency program and installed solar screens on our building




Panasonic energy efficient



                AE3Q installed a motion detector energy efficient exhaust fan in our restroom.